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Spells- are set of charms, hex or words spoken or non spoken that considered to curry magic to the users, binding someone on you using spells is normally called incantation . Spells / spells can be conducted through prayers, songs, chanting, blessing or casting. historically spells date back around 1968.and it was practice by different cultures and religions including Judaism, Christians Islams and among others, its believe that a person to conduct a spells/ spells to direct all the magical powers you should be magician, priest, in case of African believe you must be with ancestral supernatural powers( spirits). the oldest spells on earth are said to be Egyptian spells.when you cast a spell / spells  and it effects negatively its called hex / hexes 

As native healer have got ability, strength and powers to cast for you a powerful spell of any kind, at my shrine i offer witchcraft spells this will help you to remove all negative energies , bad lucks call it outcasts to those who have been bewitched, witchcraft spells also known as cleansing spells in case you're removing bad, i offer money spells to those who are suffering financially, money spells its self has got categories like gobbling spells this is money spells for gobblers, business money spells this for business owners looking to boost there customers, salary increase money spells this for someone working but need to convince their boss to increase on salary ,

NOTE this salary money spells applies only when there is an opportunity of increase on you salaries but your bosses are just ruthless or not willing to  do so, job seek spells this for someone looking for luck to find a job let say you're having an interview but you luck strength to pass it, free love spells that work , this is for the beginners who wish and have interests of learning how to cast a love spells on your own .As a qualified psychic i cast powerful psychic love spells to get your lover back remember to cast this type of spells you have to be a psychic first and not every psychic can cast a spell.Black magic spells its always designed to revenge very-powerful ,someone annoyed you? this is the perfect revenge spells for. Women who have problems in conceiving i can design a fertility spell for you it always helps to boost chances of conceiving a child. Love spells, about love spells all of us we know what it can do making someone crazy about you? look no further love spells is the perfect solution for you, Remember i am a psychic from birth have got a psychical ability to tap into your life and see past, present and future need a accurate and powerful psychic reading online? look no further will deliver with no sugar coatings . As traditional doctor ask me any kind of traditional medicines i will deliver can treat any type of disease just name it Are you seeing someone of the same sex? is this person keep on giving stress is he or she seeing some behind your back? or there someone who does not support your relationship? here is the secret gay/ lesbian love spells will just fit your situation, Among spells i offer there is crush love spells this for those who afraid to confront there dream lover, cast this amazing loving spells let that person approach you instead  Do not forget that every Saturday its for couples i offer free marriage counselling as away of solving problems in marriages since not all problems can be solved through spell casting.Some problems can be solved by just talking .come learn you can turn your marriage problems into a marriage solution.

To cast or chant your spell there must some ingredients or objects needed that will help you to complete your magic performance.each spell has got its own ingredients depending to your intentions, desires, and wishes when casting a spell. fore-stance you need to cast a free voodoo love spell that will bring your lover back. here what you will need:-

(1 ) A personal item,( 2) Cauldron,( 3 )voodoo doll must be red or yellow clothed can be home made, (4)2 needles, (5)black ribbon,( 6)black thread, (7)charcoal tablets, (8)white piece of paper, (9)2 eggs, (10)a glass of milk,(11) red rose flower, (12)love quartz, (you can write your own). 12 two coins of the same value. Remember your positivist and believe is the first ingriendients you need even before thinking of casting any spell it will  help a lot to give powers and strength your spell youre chanting  in other words the more you believe is the more your spell will take effect on your tarted person.

Does really love spells works? 

Every spell seeker the first quest to ask is will really my spell will work? will i see the results and how soon? since spells are existence having been working and they will continue to work but since this is satisfied by scientific measures you cant guarantee whether it will work and when. some spells can start working from the same very day you conducted it and other may work very late even when you have given up or forget about it.

All spells are meant to work and they are crafted to make changes in ones life or another  but the problem comes  in on who? how? and where? did you conducted some always when you're desperate you need help as soon as it could be but before proceeding with your helper you do not be disappointed so select someone who will help you. read more about sings of fake psychics and spells caster on psychic page.. are you not sure about your helper? talk to Rashidi he will help you in finding out about that person helping you.

There is no spell caster, magician, priest or shamanism  whose guaranteed that your spell will work remember this is crafted magical powers and charms controlled by nature so its either you believe in it and cast one or you rather leave it once and find other solutions for your  situation ,whoever in the combination of Genuine  spells , matching ingredients used and good interpretation of your instructions given by your helper love spells to work chances are  85% 

 There factors that can contribute to the performance of your spell and some are controllable others are non controlled.

1. Nature factor.

Since center of earth is the source of energy that will direct your magic to the targeted person some  spells tend to be casted depending on time, month or a year for-resistance half moon spells, cleansing spells,and all healing spells and others are normally casted, when the moon is half, in that case when you conduct your spells when the moon is not in the wright possible position your spells is more likely not to work or to work very late when you have even forgotten and  about it and there is nothing you can do about it because you cant change the movement circle of the moon.

2. Honest of the seeker in spells

Always a client must be honest to the spells caster. some client tend to bit around the bush not being specific to the problem and this will result into casting a wrong spells to the wrong situation and of course that write result into no results.

3. Fake spells casters

  Today a lot of peoples in magazines, newspapers, online, or around your area try or pretend to be spells casters but before selecting your spell caster make sure he/ she is Guinean unless other wise you will be among those saying spells does not work .

4 Belief of the seeker in spells

Once the seeker is not believer in magical work then there is no need of wasting time and casting a spell. spells always goes with your believe as seeker the more you believe is the more your spell will take effect to the targeted person. so be careful first believe in magic then try one spell after.

What are the Signs of a Fake  Love spells to Get Your Lover back

lot of  people are claiming to be scammed by fake psychics and fake spells casters online or elsewhere, but be warned below are some of signs that will help you to identify a fake  psychic or spells caster whose a fake.

1 Always they don’t look into client’s eyes when they’re doing face to face readings in fact they tend to avoid eye contact with a client

2 Call themselves different names. And websites always registered in different name not the names of the person you’re speaking to .for example lovespells.com, healingspells.com and among others

3 Giving fake readings with false results from his or her psychic reading

4 Charging huge amounts of money for the reading,so if its true youre  a true psychic its a gift from Allah why do you have to charge some one big sums of money for a reading or A spell? that means youre in this field for money and you're a fake

 5 Move to different types of places time to time  in fact with no permanent physical  addresses.

6 Using attractive titles like Award winner,NO1 spells caster, king of the ancestors, head of herbalists and among other, once you see an article or website with any of those kind of words or similar just avoid it that is a scam! i mean in spells casting services or psychic reading we don't give a words or show off, Only the people you worked on they're the ones to appreciate your work and recognize you together with ancestors to be able to keep you good footsteps but you cant give yourself a wards and showing off a real spells caster is always humble and doesn't show off in public.

Spells And Types

Love spells, these are all peaceful white magic spells designed to reunite, bring joy, happiness and fantasy to the seeker. do you still care and need your ex lover ? did someone stole that special person from you? then do not just sit down and watch the space its time to fight for what is yours, talk to rashidi he will design for you a powerful love spells to get what belongs to you as soon as possible.

Voodoo Marriage love spells.

This is a peaceful powerful voodoo love spells that is designed to save a marriage which is under a threat. it will be casted on your husband or wife to try and calm that person down, it will soft her or his heart and start to listen to you again.is your lover threatening you to divorce? if you still really care and need your marriage to work out then give it a chance let the voodoo save my marriage help you.

Free Love Spells that work .

This is a free love spells that is given out by rashidi to try it on your own to. it will teach you on how to cast a simple love spells on your lover in case you have a small fight in the house , free love spells that work can help you to save your relationship. in case you need a free love spells that work contact Rashidi for your instructions remember to have a pen and paper in hard

Psychic love spells to get your lover again.

This is a type of love spells offered by a person with psychical powers, you have to be pa psychic first to cast this spells. psychical reading will be conducted first before any spells, see what could be the cause of breakups , or what is the obstacles and hindrances in the relationship , find out if these two people are met to be together if they were not then do not waste your time casting love spells ,if they were but stain problem came in along the way then find which suitable love spells for then , in case you need urgent help with psychic love spells to get your love back talk to Rashidi the native healer in Africa

Black magic spells.

These are all spells crafted with negative energies with grievousiness  intentionally to destroy, destruct, cause ill and sometimes death. black magick spells are very dangerous, black magic spells cause set back in someones life in all areas , financial, relationship and friendship t black magic spells are so powerful and normally they considered to be revenge spells, did someone did wrong to you? this is the perfect revenge spells for you. WARNING . voodoo black magic spells are one of non reversible spell, so think twice before submitting your order. and its not suitable to less than 20 years of age