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Welcome to Dr rashidi’s official website, where you will find products and services offered by  Rashidi, please be informed that they’re a lot of fake traditional doctors and psychics using Dr Rashidi’s name and products claiming to be ambassadors over seas of Dr RASHIDI ABU BARKER LUKWAGO. Put it in minds that it’s only on this website is where you can find and talk to Dr Rashidi in Africa direct. For any question leave massage on our contact page. Unless otherwise Dr Rashidi will not be responsible for any claim as a result of being faked by certain individual for more information see indemnifications.

 Who is Dr Rashidi Abu Barker Lukwago Native Healer.?!

Dr Rashid is a natural born {Native Healer }traditional healer, spiritual adviser , spells caster, fortune teller tarot card reader with psychical powers like that of Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce, Dr Rashidi is operating from his father ‘s  spiritual house (Tanzania) but due to demand now he is available in three countries ONLY. Including South Africa, Egypt and Tanzania. Rashidi is the first born and successor of his father Aziz Abu Barker Lukwago who famously well known in his work of Native Healing/traditional healing of any disease with foretelling gift through his powerful spirits during his period of life time, Since 1992 Rashidi stood by his father's footsteps together with help of Allah to date he is still crafting powerful spells, practicing witchcrafts, offering cleansing rituals, summoning and evoking spirits

Being successful in Native Healing And helping others who are in needy through herbal healing and his powerful spirits now Rashidi have served more than 24 years communicating with people from 18 countries around the world where most of them are happy in life again.

Rashidi Native Healer With Magic And Witchcraft Spells.

Welcome to Dr Rashidi a real practitioner who will gives free simple spells, teachers’ you witchcraft, magic and advises you on all spells casting services. If you’re a new in the world of magic then there many questions in minds to begin with, the world of witchcraft is not what you see in movies or on your television set, NO painted nosed, bucktooth, and women flying around on the blooms or roistering flogs on cauldron. Every practitioner knows that magic is more about people open their minds , inner soul and being to the divine powers , this is where they get their powers from which makes a spell more powerful, the positive energy flows onto the spell caster then to the sacred the guided by the nature since it’s the source of energy . Warning it is very important to bear in minds that sometimes spells are very easy to be cast than reversing them, so it’s not a good idea to order a spell when you are know that you will change your minds about it so kindly make up your minds before you proceed.


Day to day life is becoming harder and most of people are disappointed in life, some of them they have lost hope and others they have given up due to their past experiences  hence living in miserable life .You’re going through a lot Wright now let it be financially ,relationship issues, business difficulties, or conical disease? TO Rashidi it has never been too late leaving your request on  the contact page can be your first step to a fundamental change in your life, even 1000 journey miles starts with one step. Rashidi will always l have an advice or a solution for you.

Working with  A Native Healer.

Native healing is the process of using nature to ill someone in traditional ways. Native healing dates back  from our grand fathers who used to depend on traditional medicines to ill each other before colonialism in case of Africa, we do have different cultures those who still practice native healing around the world. we African largely we practice native healing and it has been helping our society for centuries now, to date number of cultures and religions  do use nature as source of medicines in the society for example in north america we have american native healer, gyps native healer, Indian native healer,  Chinese native healer and many other. A native healer can use traditional medicines either fresh or dried to ill or solve your problem that you could be facing at the moment , Dr Rashidi is not exceptions here speaking to him will actually cost you nothing and yet it could be your fast step out of miserable life  through Rashidi's powerful (muthi) medicines together with strong spells he can help you  in the shortest period of time that you didn't expect self.

Mr Rashidi As A Native Healer. 

Mr Rashidi is an African Native healer using Strong African remedies (Muthi) to cure day to day diseases, To solve family members or to Solve relationship difficulties. Like any other Native Healer Here in Africa Mr Rashidi also possesses powerful family ancestral spirits these who help him for guidance, for consultations before and after each and every session of Spells he conduct, 

Mr Rashidi is Among the few Genuine Native Healers who we do still have today in Africa. there a lot and many Native Healers out there in newspapers, in magazines , online but  if they tell you to find  a true African Native Healer especially today ! Hmmm!! it can be really tire-sum. Looking for help through Ancient African Native Healer? Looking for Powerful Native healer to handle your situation? Tired of Fake Native Healer Online?  Speak to your Spiritual Native Healer Dr Rashidi for Urgent Help.

Dr Rashidi Reacts On Fake Native Healers In And Around Africa.

Fake Native Healers are those individuals who tries to gamble with spiritual work basically to make living out it, Fake Native Healers are not only here in Africa but they're now all over the world, These are the people who have no idea about how Native Healing works, No idea how Spells Casting Services Works in fact no idea how psychic healing operates instead all they concentrate on is asking clients big sums of money since they use Native Healing for business purposes.'i Personally i have got many complains from all around the world regarding Fake Native Healers. there Fake Native Healers in India, we have got fake Native Healer in North America, i have got complains for Argentina, Brazil , Portugal Uk, Usa Australia almost every where today you will find Fake Native Healer. 

Are you working with a Native Healer but still not sure if he or she is the right person? you have been working with your Native Healer for quiet long period of time but to date still no progress on your work?  Still searching for a true Native Healer here online ? Speak to Dr Rashidi for guidance where necessary or for immediate help call or leave your request on our contact form. 

In my conclusion in life all we do face ups and down but it will depend how you will handles issues as an individual. in my opinion casting Spell or spells will be one of the best secretive way of solving some life problems to those who wants to solve issues secretly because A spell  itself is a secret. On this site  you will find spells like marriage spells to solve marriage issues. Love spells to bring a boy-girl back that is if your boy / girl left. Love spell to bring back a husband who left now staying by family. Gay love spells to return a gay partner who left for some reasons, Lesbian love spells to bring back a lesbian partner, voodoo love spells to to solve love triangle. save fertility spells to conceive fast and decrease miscarriage problems. Pregnancy spells to cure infertility problems let be in men or women. Fertility spells to increase sperms count to increase chances of making your wife/ girl pregnant.  On Court case spells use strong voodoo course spells to win a case. use voodoo spells to dismiss a court case.or perform court case rituals to make your case freezes in court, 

Dr Rashidi Is Registered Native Healer/ Registered Sangoma And Registered Traditional Doctor.

Dr Rashidi is a registered Native Healer. Registered Sangoma in Southern African, And Registered Traditional Doctor in All 3 Countries he is operating from including Uganda, Tanzania And Southern Parts Of Africa. Dr Rashidi is a registered Sangoma in in parts of Southern African Whose operating under SATHA. With certificate of Southern Africa Traditional Healers Association, As Registered Native Healer Rashidi Follows the rules and regulations of  African Native Healing Association up to date of which few Native Healers still  respect today. Its advisable to work with A Native Healer whose under registration of Native Healing Association no matter who desperate you're in that in case if something is wrong of goes wrong you know to ally your complain, Looking  for A Registered Traditional Healer Traditional Doctor? Looking for Registered Sangoma in South Africa? Need Registered Native Healer in Southern Africa? or you need to inquiry about A Sangoma helping you  whether registered or Not with our Association? contact Dr Rashidi For Any help or Advise.


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Can Dr Rashidi help a distanced client like me?

Can I really be happy once again in life?

Can Dr Rashidi help me from my home?

How long does it take to see some changes in my life once i contact Rashidi?

What are the charges of Dr Rashidi?

Leave your request, question or a comment wait Response in less than 24 hrs depending on the Que


1 I cast your spells with in 24hrs once you contact me, most of the times same day.

2  I’m completely carrying and understand your situation.

3  I have a private home where I do all my work with enough parking and my home have privacy.

4  I do cast spells here in my shrine on your behalf in case of distanced or so ill clients.

100% effort on my part for every spell I cast to my client’s satisfaction.  

6  Abroad ( over seas) clients prior arrangements has to be made in case you want to visit my home. for inquiry,question or a request  dial +27 83416 6887 ask Dr Rashidi  or email info@rashidinativehealer.com