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Need African  voodoo spells?

  Authentic voodoo spells. Are one of the oldest spells in Africa, initially it was commonly practiced by Hoodoo of eastern India during ADs as Indians migrated to Africa they introduced this religion in African societies currently voodoo religion and its peaceful spells are practiced all over the world in north America, south America, Europe and some parts of Asia ,

Voodoo spells can be white or black magic depending on casters intentions, however in old days Africans were not allowed to cast black magic through voodoo because they believed to be a sin and it’s against their ancestors to harm an individual through traditional, and hence voodoo black magic was burnt around the societies. Briefly  white magic spells are all those spells casted with intentions by the caster or the seeker to bring , create happiness in society  normally they while black magic spells are those spells created or designed in grievousness purposely to revenge, to destruct and put an end of someone ‘s future life. In order words it outcast of a course.  Black magic can also be course of death. Voodoo religion we have different types of spells can be used to create peace or reunite individuals once they do believe.