Magic Rings / Talismans / Charms

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Available Magical Rings Talisamans And Charms for business, love protection and prosperity leave your request with any quiry about prices and shipping, we can deliver to your door steps. Anywhere around the world. (My Products)

A witch can turn anything into a talisman or magic charm, by etching occult symbols onto the article and consecrating it during a powerful spell. When a witch performs a magic spell the occult energy created charges the atmosphere, the witch is then able to enter an altered state of consciousness, they become aware of another world/dimension and in their mind they 'operate' upon it, laying down a new reality over the current one and therefore ensuring your desired outcome becomes reality.

Theoretically it is possible to create a talisman/magic charm for any purpose, there's no limitations to what a talisman or charm can be used for. A selection of popular magic charms and talismans created by Carmen: Avialable

Bind a Lover/Soul-mate Llove Charm 

This charm is only to be used by those who have met their true love, and therefore need a very potent talisman to bind and protect their love forever. This talisman will make your lover 100% faithful to you, and love only you forever. (Exceptionally powerful).use your own sperms and private hair to complete this charm.

Come Back to Me Charm

If your lover has left you, you need this talisman and he/she will soon be back in your arms in no time.

Split a Couple Up Charm

All is fair in love and war, isn't it? If you lover is with another, then this charm will separate them fast.

Protection Charm - This charm will give you complete protection from all that is bad and evil. Including businesses, properties or an individual

Magical Rings for Powers And Leadership.

this for those who wants prosperity and powers in sits ( offices) Are you having a post or an office you want conquer? are you having a political challenges? Do you want poeple to lisetn and fall you? Order your ring now.

Magic Ring for Supper Natural Powers.

Are you having aa church and you want to prove apoint to your congregates ! you want to touch on someone and fall down or get sick instantly? Order this powerful magic ring of wornders let it do everything for you.

Casino Magical Ring For Luck.

This can be designed for gamblers . You will always win something once you put it on your wright middle finger. follow instructions

Business Talisman:

it always will consists of two powerful magics 1 for customer attraction and 2 for business / cargo protections

Remember all magics are crafted through mixture of different African medicines and muthi.

All magical ring and Talismans comes with guarantee of one year. for more info see indemnifications, terms and conditions OR email at or call +278 3361 5845 ask dr Rashidi

All Magical Rings and Talismans can be rechargeable with rejuvenated powerful magics incase you need to do so. Note Rashidi doesnt recharge any Magical charm which was not desinged by us.

Delivery. With shipping we normally use POST OFFICE, FEDEX OR DHL for abroad clients and it takes specific period of time depending on traffic of the office, your distance and method used in shipping.

NOTE. all magical rings or talismans are designed depending on your intention, what you say is what we do do not expect a talisman desinged for casino and then use it for protection or love. unless that charm was designed for variety purposes. in that case always be sure to confim your intention why you need for and it will designed for that purpose specifically.

For any questions, prices ,  quotations, terms and conditions, delivery and shipping, guarantee or anything else which i didn't mention HERE regarding a magical ring, charms or Talisman please feel free to contact Rashidi Direct on email OR dial +2783 361 5845 ,still you can visit ME at my  home in Sandton or Centurion Pretoria South Africa.(make appointment first)